Proper Home Maintenance and Protection

Although there is a ton of great information on the subject out there, the new Arizona homeowner needs to be proficient at thinking through house care on his or her own. They also need to know when it is time to stop doing a project on their own and to get the assistance of a professional. There is also a goodly amount of tips and tricks for the savvy homeowner online. If you are smart about these home maintenance matters, your new home can end up looking an holding up very well for years. There are some aspects of being this good homeowner that should be seriously considered.

Guarding Against Drastic Weather

The weather in Arizona can get rather severe. This is why one of the first things you will want to do will be weather-proofing your house. Doing so can drastically lighten your homeowner worries that drastic weather will damage your new home. Do your research online and by talking to professionals. You need to contact roofing companies in Phoenix AZ for assistance with preparing your house. There are some excellent tips out there. Among them:

1) Even if you have permanent weather protection measures in place in your house, you should keep your eyes and ears open to weather broadcasts.
2) Have an emergency kit in your home that includes several gallons of water, non-perishable food, a radio battery, at least one flashlight, an extra power source, and medication.
3) Store emergency repair materials like plastic sheeting, sandbags, lumber, and plywood in a dry convenient place. 4) Get flood insurance.

1. Things to do every month:

• You will want to at least check the HVAC filters. Some experts even recommend changing them out every month no matter what. That may be a little bit too often. It will need to be changed every two to three months, though. But always keep an eye on its condition. If it is dirty after just one month, go ahead and change it out. Most experts will agree that homeowners are better off going with the cheaper brands of filters since they are changed out so often.

• Clean your kitchen sink disposal. You can most effectively do this by making vinegar ice cubes. Run the cubes through the disposal. It both freshens the mechanism and sharpens the blades.

• Clean your range hood filters. Effective solutions to clean it are either with vinegar and water or a degreaser and water.

• Check your fire extinguisher. Make sure it is in a very accessible place with nothing obstructing easy access to it.