Special Requirements to Escort Services

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Religious or Cultural Requirement Needs for Escort Services

In certain cultures or religions, it is inappropriate for certain people, mainly women, to travel unaccompanied. This can be very prohibitive on the ability of that restricted individual to be mobile or in their ability to conduct business, and many other activities. Hence, a travel companion in this role provides a sense of independence and liberation as the requesting individual is freed from the restrictive nature of the rules. For the individual, such accompaniment provided by the escort is equivalent to true empowerment.

Background and Security Checks

As with all aspects of life in today’s world, you want to make sure that you are dealing with people who are reputable and that your safety and security are a priority. Hence, when it comes to a travel companion or general escort, you want to make sure that you do a thorough background check on this individual. If obtaining your companion from an agency, then request that the agency perform such a check. However, you should still do a second check for your own verification. Background checks are easy to request from many sources, both online and off-line. Additionally, request references, and then, actually check those references for their authenticity. Following these steps are important, but easy, steps to perform in order to ensure your safety and security.


Selecting an escort can provide support for an individual in many instances. While not a cheap or free service in most instances, the companionship and support that an escort provides can be an uplifting and liberating experience for the person requesting the escort service(s). For the requesting individual, the companionship and services offered may mean the difference between a successful business, professional or social event versus that of a stressful and unsuccessful time in those same settings.