Things to do on a quarterly basis:

Keep in mind these recommendations from JBS Roofing:

• Test smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. You can do this simply by pressing the “test” buttons on the back.

• Test your garage auto-reverse feature. You can do this by placing a piece of wood on the ground directly in the trajectory of the door. Close the door. If the auto-reverse is working properly it should start reverse direction as soon as it touches the wood.

• Check the bathroom faucets and toilet in seldom-used rooms. This is more than just to make sure they are functioning properly. Running them on a somewhat regular basis also works to keep grime from building up in the plumbing of this area.

3. Things to do on a biannual basis:

• Test your water heater pressure relief valve.

• Give the entire house a really good cleaning. That includes stuff like appliances, windows, furniture, those dusty nooks and crannies, everything.

• Change the batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.

• Vacuum refrigerator coils. You want to do this because it can end up saving you a lot on your yearly electric bill.