Things to do on an annual basis:

After the winter season, do a thorough check of the house to make sure nothing was damaged by the harsh temperature and conditions. During this spring inspection, you should check all of the exterior drainages, put fresh dirt around the home if needed, and check if there is any painting or repair needed on the siding and roof of the house.

• Check the foundation for any cracks. Your spring inspection will also involve making sure your air conditioner is ready for summer.

• Take advantage of the summer to work on the exterior of your home and on your lawn and garden areas.

• Clean your deck and outside window sills of debris and trash that has collected over the year.

• The garage a great summertime cleaning project.

• Deal with insect and/or pest problems.

• During the fall season get your home wetter for the cold, harsh weather of winter. It is important to cover the outside unit with a tarp and to secure it.

• Deal with all of those projects you have put off like painting, shelving, non-imperative plumbing, cleaning, and carpentry work.

• During the freezing times keep an eye out for frozen pipes or anything else that needs deicing attention.